3 months to explore, test and launch your social impact start-up !

Each year, 50 young people are chosen into the framework of the Entrepreneur for Good program and participate in an extraordinary human adventure for 3 months (2 weeks of which are in residence). This enables them to explore their social impact project and to reach their full potential:


The Campus is a playing field for pragmatic dreamers, intrepid entrepreneurs who aspire to make a strong, positive impact on society

Innovative Learning

Develop your full potential by learning to learn. On this path, we will encourage you to adopt an entrepreneurial approach, including the way you acquire new skills


Because changing the world cannot be done alone, we will mobilize experienced experts and entrepreneurs to guide you in your adventure towards making a social impact


Convinced that the peer to peer is a tremendous source of enrichment, you will be in this adventure with 49 other young entrepreneurs, all ready to change the world!

A network of coaches and experts to support you

A network of entrepreneurs, experts, business leaders and partners contribute to the development of our 50 gems of social innovation.

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The Campus class of ‘18

Lucile Dauger

Sophie Hombert

Augustin Rogy

Yoelis Acourt

Stéphanie Herrera Salas

Sofian Bettayeb

Thomas Groell

Claire-Anaïs Costa Guerreiro

Winnie Vorihilala

Lancine Koulibaly

Ségolène Mounier

Stéphane Delebassé

Sébastien Guillon

Fania Abdou Anoir

Thomas Rakotomalala

Suzy Teillet

Salomé Dratwa

Mehdi Maizate

Samuel Joseph

Antoine Certain

Wanny Takour

Simon Guibert

Fairouz Chebab

Sofia Chinoune

Maëva François

Salaheddine Mokhtari

Maréva Mouraud

Jessica Faniol

Noémie Pascal Terras

Aminata Cissokho

Khady Mbaye

Hocine Youbi

Emeric Michaud

Alice Abbat

Chloé Forthoffer

Ophélie Vanbremeersch

Sophie Morelle

Aimé Galmi

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