Every year, Live for Good organizes a Call for Projects and offers each one of the candidates the opportunity to benefit from resources, expertise and follow-up to guide them in their personal and professional development. Whether they are selected or not among the participants in the proposed program, they will be invited to join the Entrepreneurs for Good Community and therefore will be able to participate in different activities proposed by Live for Good throughout the year.

Between May and July, those persons eligible can apply by filling out the application form which is accessible via the website : app.live-for-good.org. After a rigorous selection process, 50 young project initiators are selected, and announced at the end of July. Those 50 chosen, will then take part in the Campus, 3 months for testing, exploring, and launching their social start-up between September and November. With its unique pedagogy, its 120 hours of training and its 80+ mobilized experts, the Campus is a unique opportunity to realize your ambitions.

At the end of the 3 month pathway, 10 entrepreneurs are selected to present their social start-up in front of a final jury who has the difficult task of nominating 5 winners of the Gabriel Live for Good Award. The prize winners each receive 10 000 euros and are incubated for 8 months by Live for Good (housing, follow-up, study trip, technological support, etc.) from December 2018 to July 2019.

The program is for young people coming from all walks of life, between 18 and 30 years old (30 years old minus 1 day at the closing date for registrations : July 4th) and initiators of projects with a strong social or environmental impact.

Even though the program is open to all young people, it is primarily aimed at those who, for social, economic, physical, or even georgraphical reasons, have less access to support systems (for example, young people with few or no diplomas coming from critical urban zones or rural zones, those with disabilities or those with a refugee status.

The candidate must be able to exercise an activity in France and be available to particpate in the different phases of the selection process which will take place during the month of July. If he or she is selected, he or she should also be available to participate in the totality of the activities that are proposed.

The candidate must have identified the social or environmental need to which he or she wants to reply and must demonstrate a solid understanding of this need. He or she should ideally have already undertaken action in the field, have gone to meet recipients, potential customers or even other participants in the pertaining sector. He or she should also be capable of presenting a first version of the solution that he or she proposes. However, he or she doesn’t necessarily need to have already created the legal structure ou have started up the activity.

In case he or she would not have validated yet these first steps, other pathways could be proposed to him or her, to help out in the first steps.

No. To be eligible, your project does not need to include a digital side. Thanks especially to our partners and to our tools, we propose precisely to provide these skills to entrepreneurs to help them increase the social impact of their project.
The application process is open at noon, May 15th. The deadline to receive the completed application is set at midnight, July 4th.
Gabriel Courtois is the son and brother of the founding members of the Live for Good Association. Live for Good was originally a web platform created by Gabriel, aiming to raise funds in order to help construct houses in Malaysia. When Gabriel’s death was announced, Jean-Philippe, Pascale, Aurore et Romane Courtois decided to take over where he left off. Based on his philosophy of offering a life full of meaning and dignity to those who are the most underprivileged, and inspired by his entrepreneurial qualities, they officially created the non-profit organization, Live for Good to help young people, like Gabriel, who have decided to act and contribute to building a better world.

Yes. While the prizes offered in the framework of the program are attributed to the project leader who submits the application in his name, and on this basis, represents the team, Live for Good encourages applicants to implicate their associates in the adventure. A presentation by the team will be requested of them in the application form.

Therefore, whereas certain resources offered to the 50 participants on the Campus and to the 5 winners of the Gabriel Live for Good Award are nominatve and cannot be divided, (housing during the Campus, the scholarship of 10 000 euros offered to the 5 winners, etc.), we allow the project leaders to implicate their associates in certain stages of the program (during the selection stages, the training sessions, the final jury, the events proposed throughout the year, etc.).

No, the participants at the Campus benefit free of charge from all the activities, the training sessions, the coaching sessions, speeches by experts and entrepreneurs, as well as housing … during all the phases that are classroom based (about 2 weeks). …On the other hand, we ask the participants to be responsable for their travel expenses and to contribute partially to the catering costs.

At the end of the course, as for the 5 winners chosen to receive the Gabriel Live for Good Award, besides benefitting from the 10 000 € scholarship, they will also benefit free of charge from a full-time job in a incubator, a high level follow-up and a study trip of 8 days.

We feel committed to offer an excellent program, thus allowing all young people, no matter what their level of studies and their level of income might be, to express their full potential and contribute to build a better world. This is why we make sure that the cost be assumed by the entrepreneurs in order for them to participate in a program that is not too costly for anyone.

If you are selected into the program, you should be present at all the mandatory stages:

  • During the selection: An event is organized July 21st for the group of pre-selected candidates (about 70-80) to meet.
  • During the Campus: During the 3 month course, the 50 participants should be present physicaly for approximately 2 weeks : from August 27th to August 31st (launching), from October 8th to October 12th (mid-course) and from November 26th to November 29th (closing). Other mandatory dates to be present could be added later and will be notified to the applicants before the launching of the course. Morever, during the distance-learning phases, the whole group of participants will be asked to devote themselves, the equivalent of part-time as a minimum, to their project. During these distance-learning phases, the participants will be able, of course, to develop their project from their hometown, but will be held to particpate in the follow-up points with their personal coach.
  • During the final playoff: If you are selected among the 10 finalists, your presence will be mandatory for the final jury which will take place the whole day of November 29th.
  • During the incubation period: If you are a winner of the Gabriel Live for Good award, you will be asked to spend all your time entirely on your project and to participate in all the stages (coaching sessions, workshops, etc.) from December 2018 to July 2019. Even though these stages take place mainly in Paris, the rhythm and frequency of the course leaves sufficient freedom for the winners to continue developing their project from their hometown.
The classroom phases on the Campus (about 2 weeks) take place at the CEDEP in Fontainebeau (town situated 70 kilometers south-west of Paris). The winners of the Gabriel Live for Good Award can benefit in particular from a full time job in a Parisian incubator and must attend the follow-up points (1 – 2 times a month which take place in the capital city).
For additional information about the program, you can read the rules or contact us.