50 young people, 1 ambition: to change the world!

Each year, Live for Good offers to 50 young people the opportunity to launch their social start-up through a 2 step program:

1 The Campus

3 months, in residence (2 weeks) and remotely, to help 50 young people test, explore and launch their social start-up

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2 The Gabriel Award

8 months, from December to July, for 5 winners selected at the end of the Campus (grant of 10.000€, incubation, follow-up)

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  • Applications

    From May 15th to July 4th 2018

    Applications are open between May and June. To apply, you need to fill in the form on our website.

  • Campus

    From the end of August to November 2018

    After a disciplined selection process, Live for Good selects up to 50 candidates who participate to the Campus, 3 months to accelerate their social start-up.

  • The Gabriel Live for Good Award

    December 2018 to July 2019

    At the end of the Campus, the 5 winners of the Gabrie Live for Good Award are selected by a final jury and win a 10 000 € grant, along with an incubation program. The remaining entrepreneurs who participated in the Campus are still supported by the coaches and experts provided by Live for Good.

  • And then?

    Campus participants and Gabriel Award winners still benefit from Live for Good’s network and resources.

So, ready to change the world?

You’re under 30 and want to launch your social start-up? This program is made for you!

Other questions?

To learn more about the Program, please consult our FAQ section.

image: entrepreneur qui sourit

Applying has its own reward!

By applying, you are already making your first step in the adventure towards social impact. By applying, you will be invited to join the big Live for Good family, whether you are selected or not among the participants of the program.

As such, you will be able to take part in different activities that are proposed throughout the year by Live for Good to its entrepreneurs in order to help them in their personal development and their project’s progression.

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