Give young people the power to act

France has and abundance of young talents. These young talentful people, not geared to the labor market and ot able to express their full potential grow in numbers. Yet another path exists: that of social entrepreneurship. As a matter of fact, 75% of youngsters would apply to work in a social enterprise as a priority ad more than 90% think that this new business model will develop in the years to come…
And rightly so! Today, more than ever, social entrepreneurship, as a path tot employment should be valued and encouraged for youth. Throuogh workshops, testimonies and actions in the field, we are abel to offer young people with all walks of life the opportunity to discover the ecosystem of social entrepreneurship and the opportunities it has to offer.

Discover social entrepreneurship

You want to participate in one of our workshops or organize one for your youngsters?

Initiation workshops to help you imagine your social start-up


An introoduction to the social enterprise model to better understand how wit functionss and the job opportunities.

Be inspired

Testimonies by young people who took the plunge and decided to use their talent and energy to serve a cause of general interest.

Move into action

Immersions in the field to go out and meet the key players of social entrepreneurship


A simulation to learn to create a projec twith social impact and to step in the shoes of a social entrepreneur.

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